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File preparation Services

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Once a design has been determined, quite often the file needs to be modified for use in different media. A great poster design will have to be modified if the same design is to be applied to a T-shirt. T-shirts are produced using a variety of techniques nowadays. The image can be applied by screenprinting each colour separately or digitally printed by specialized machines. An image printed on dark fabrics may have to have a white underlay as part of the final production file. Lets take that same poster and you wish to have that original poster of 11 x 17 enlarged to be a banner 8ft x 12ft, the graphics have to be of sufficient resolution to maintain the integrity of the image. Many factors go into determining the best resolution, graphic style and design techniques:

There are many options for file preparation, however there is always a starting file and the desired final output or media. There are a variety of techniques to implement the conversion. Let us convert your original files to the correct format for your final output. Call or email your request.