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Equipment Experience

All experience is education for the soul.
Imaging equipment I have used, operated and maintained include:
Type Purpose Experience Level
Imagesetters Produce film output for offset printint presses Advanced
Offset presses Printing technology datingback 100's of years Novice
Digital printers/photocopiers Black & white or Colour devices ideal for short run copies Advanced
Large format plotters Latex or solvent based inkjet printers for producing images wider than 12" Advanced
Vinyl cutters Device used to cut vinyl material Advanced
Flatbed scanners Scanner used to import photograpic or other images to a digital format Advanced
Flatbed Printer Large format printer designed primarily to print on rigid substrates Advanced
Rotary Engravers Engraver with rotating tool designed to engrave and cut plastic materials Advanced
Laser Engravers Engraver with high power laser beam designed to engrave and cut a variety materials Advanced