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I am not a winner but if I try I cannot be a loser.

– Kevin Smith

Over the years graphic design has evolved as technology changed and improved. Take the Apple Computer logo for example: It started out as the iconic apple with a bite taken out of the right side, and in true1980's fashion the logo was decorated with bands of colorful stripes which was ironic since the first Apple II and Macintosh computers had black and white screens. In the 90's the logo kept the same iconic shape but was simplified to a single colour predominantly the universal white. Again the irony being that the new Macs now had color screens. As the display and printing technology changed the logo evolved to the gradated apple with a swoosh in the middle.

Evolution of the Apple Computer Logo
Apple Logo Variations

Logo design is a small component of graphic design. Brochures, booklets, business cards are vehicles to promote the brand, the business and to put groceries on the table. Some examples of printing projects:

Logos I have designed

Founditz Logo Geddes Racing Pyramid Star Express Stryker Transport